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How to use krisp app??

 hi, guys in this article we're going to talk about a noise-canceling app which is the crisp the chris app is I think the app that I would highly recommend especially some online ESL teachers like me of course if you want to get rid of noises like barking dogs chickens in the morning and any other unnecessary noise I would highly recommend I'm actually using a noise-canceling headphone\

 this one is Jabra it has a noise-canceling feature but sometimes some students of mine complain because I will do some sound testing I will let's try to differentiate using the chris app and without the chris app okay okay now let's start of course we have to get a link, okay so this is my chris app link crisp up here 

so I'll just copy this one if by the way if you're going to use my link which I will put in the description box below you're going to have a one month a free subscription oh diva so box just click the link and accept the invite okay so you just have to click accept invite you to need an email okay for you to sign up for my sample I'll try to use a temp mail you can just search this okay so temp mail I'll use this one paste sign up okay you need a verification code which you can see over here so andito makikita we have thirty-nine nine two seven okay after my verifying young code bus download app

 but for now, I can't click this one because I'm all I have already downloaded the app and I have my own account already okay so for you in your case click download app and then the download folder will be over here uh in the taskbar or the bottom part of your desktop okay just click it and then okay next okay so after you finish downloading the app try to open it just to check if your email is signed in just to make sure 

okay okay so now let's check my crisp account okay let's go up here first and let's check so this is my account and bakakita nu dito used by screen automatic every account I every application nagagamitenyo nagagamit microphone you have to change the sound setting okay so I'm using right now this so it is used by this app recorder okay let's go to my account okay so it and as you can see this one

 this account will expire on February 27, 2021, okay next year Nepal, by the way, guys last November I already have my crisp account, okay but during those days I did not use my email which is this one, okay I only used random email from temp mail so using that one mero nakong 14 days of free use non-crisp app okay articles from an article a lot of articles from articles I'm explaining about how to get a lifetime subscription success okay and okay so what I did the last time okay is I used, of course, an email from temp mail and malapedna 14 days so I'll just sign out the account which is registered here so I'll sign it out and then again I'll try to pick a random email a different one okay and sign in but unfortunately yesterday 

when i was trying to change to change my crisp account here to have another 14 days of extension it did not work anymore for this part um you only have 140 minutes to use the crest app okay so you know but 140 minutes and about 14 days young extension renewal email so because of that i decided to use my this one my working email and i tried making another crisp account so it did not work anymore i don't know what happened okay so you guys okay so yuan so what i did because i have here my link which is this one of course i tried to make another email a different email from temp mail again which is here which is this one okay when i try to accept accept the invite and i'm done so you have to install the app itself on a different computer okay so itunes so because of that i just asked a favor from my cousin shout out fella for trying to install the app on their own computer thank you so much and right now guys i have plus two and another plus two from yesterday this is just from last night and of course 

my advice is to keep on inviting okay again my friends my relatives I tried to message them and ask for some favors please register using my link and download the app and after that just try to uninstall so you know to have a longer subscription, okay so so you're nothing going you know just to have a plus two plus two plus two okay so for now union okay so right now let's try to do the sound test, okay so I have my phone here I will use this for our sound okay for our music so as you can see I put it in the full volume music volume full right okay so I will not touch this but as a menu fair okay so let's look at our account okay so we have here used by screencast screencast-o-Matic right so go crisp is on in my headset right now so let's try to play the sound, okay so I'll press play oh okay so it is now playing

 okay can you hear it forward go ahead forward cleon music for a little half-full volume okay let's try it without using the crisp app okay remove noise okay so off nothing of nothing young remove noise okay let's try to play it now I'll play it okay full volume again full volume Jana okay okay can you hear the difference okay and also, by the way, guys after uh downloading the app after signing up you can also do your own test sami small apnea and by the way guys for you to have a better connection or better use of the crisp app let's try to change uh something in the sound settings, okay so let's go over here this one let's try to open sound settings okay so In my input device here is the crisp microphone, okay so you can also try to change 

that one tries to go to the sound control panel okay sound control panel this one will come out go to the recording okay you can see here a lot of microphones so please make sure to click on the microphone that you are that you want to use okay because here this one this is uh my camera's microphone this is our app this one is a manic and virtual mic and this is this one microphone array this is what I'm using right now which is this okay so double click okay and then this will pop out go to levels you have their microphone boost okay in your part in your sound setting microphone boost would be over here and over 90 plus 

okay so try to make it zero and after make it making it zero you may notice more and that's okay because I already tried it and the student can still hear me very clear and very well okay so no problem with that okay and after the new year is zero clicks apply and then okay after that punta casa communications and on your part sigouron and first-time change sound settings click apply and then okay again okay okay so you know young all about the crisp if you you can just comment down below in the comment section and I'll try to answer some of them thank you 


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